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The wine and spirits market is an extremely opaque world. Built on trust, it is dominated by long-term relationships, private transactions and a lack of price transparency. The rarest items sometimes cannot be had at any price. Our team has decades of experience and deep relationships in the wine and spirits markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Upon request, we will handle acquisitions, locating and arranging the purchase of rare Burgundy, first growth Bordeaux, California cult wines or single cask whisky. We can also source en primeur wines, or whole barrels and casks. If you're looking to sell, we can help find a suitable buyer. We will make sure you get a good price, and that you are dealing with a reputable counterparty.

We can also assist with identifying and evaluating wine companies and properties for purchase or sale.

cellar management

We provide a full suite of cellar management services:

  • a comprehensive inventory to ensure that your collection is properly documented, with accurate item counts and condition notes, kept together with storage history and  provenance records;
  • systems and software to keep track of every transaction to help ensure that records are properly maintained on an ongoing basis;
  • arrangements for proper storage of your collection, if needed;
  • appraisal and authentication services to establish the value of your collection.


We can act on your behalf in dealing with a wide range of counterparties. For example, we can execute auction bids on your behalf, negotiate preferential terms for you, or even pass on preferential terms already available to us through our existing relationships. If you're ready to sell part or all of your collection, we can help identify the best buyer or auction house, negotiate the terms and maximise sale price. We have extensive experience negotiating auction consignment agreements, can help set appropriate reserves and estimates, obtain guarantee, rebates or financing in some cases, and maximise the realised sale price by selecting optimum auction placement.

Portfolio management

For clients who mainly wish to build a wine portfolio for investment purposes, we can assemble and manage a suitable portfolio for current income or capital gains, subject to the terms of a mandate to be agreed in advance.


The shipment, import and export of alcohol is frequently highly regulated. Furthermore, as a perishable good, wine should not be shipped unless absolutely necessary, and then only under optimal, temperature-controlled conditions. We can handle all aspects of your shipping needs, arranging licenses and certificates where necessary or working with our logistics partners to handle the shipment of wine and spirits to your desired destination.

regulatory compliance

Producing, importing, distributing and selling alcohol are all highly regulated activities in the United States, with each state (and sometimes even each municipality) imposing its own rules. We can help you obtain the right advice, obtain the necessary licenses and generally help ensure that you are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Our team has decades of experience in launching, operating and growing businesses in the wine and spirits industry. We can assist on a wide range of matters relating to wine and spirits businesses, including:

  • Initial business planning and feasibility assessments;
  • New product launch;
  • Expanding into new geographical markets;
  • Brand development and marketing;
  • Legal compliance and planning;
  • Financial administration;
  • Internal controls and corporate governance;
  • Financing and capitalisation;
  • Restructuring and turnaround;
  • Capital markets operations, including the coordination of initial public offerings.