about us

Enotechnica was founded by a team of highly experienced fine & rare wine and spirits professionals to provide a full range of industry advisory services to clients across the globe. Our services include a full suite of private client services for individual collectors, as well as professional services for members of the trade.

Based in Nevada and London, and with deep ties to Hong Kong, the company has a strong footprint in the main markets for fine & rare wine and spirits.


In addition to decades of experience with fine & rare wine, Enotechnica specialises in investment-grade, single-malt whisky. While other companies have been slower to see the opportunities in whisky trading and investing, we have capitalised on our early-mover advantage by quickly exploiting opportunities in this exciting segment as prices have soared. We stand ready to assist our clients to do the same.


Enotechnica. From Ancient Greek οἶνος (oînos, “wine”) τεχνικός (tekhnikós, “of or pertaining to art, artistic, skilful”).